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Transfer of Assets

A new company has been established called Ulverston Community Enterprises. This is to enable the potential transfer of assets from South Lakeland District Council. These currently include the Coronation Hall and the markets, and potentially some of the car parks and other services.

The reason that this is not being undertaken by the town council is that it is also more tax efficient to run it in this way. For example, if the company has charitable status then the liability for business rates is considerably reduced. It is important that the buildings are run as a business but for the benefit of the town with any surplus reinvested into the buildings.. The company will have independent members, who will appoint the board at the AGM.

The town council’s asset transfer committee and the UCE are leading the negotiation with SLDC on this complex potential transfer. It is important that any transfer of assets can be managed sustainably for the long term and that it is based on a sound business plan. Buildings are expensive to run and maintain and it’s important to identify how income is going to be raised week by week.

The Friends of the Coronation Hall has been set up independently to support the work of the UCE, and to fund raise in its own right and provide volunteers to help manage the service with the paid staff and any new organisation that takes it on; or indeed if it remains with SLDC.

This is a complex negotiation and an outline outcome is not expected until at least the end of this year. As soon as there are any developments, the board will make it known and consult with the community.

Latest News; The town council has agreed in principle (July 2014)  to leave the town hall and the councilchamber and re-locate the to CoroantionHall in a refurbished second floor) attic.  Rent would be paid to the organisation that is running the coronation hall.  A complex negotiation will now start to agree the terms of the move, andmost importantly the future of the Coronation Hall. SLDC has made it clear that even if the town council moves, it does not guarantee the future of the Coronation Hall.