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cpg.jpgUlverston CGP Trust Fund

     Groups and organisation can apply to the CGP Trust Fund for a grant to support a wide variety of projects including:

*   Activities of local groups such as Cubs, Brownies, Scouts etc.

*   Improving recreational facilities that  are open to all residents

*   Repair and improvement of local facilities and public areas

*    Holding Community Events

*   Planting of trees and flowers

*   Contributing to the maintenance of local public building such as churches, village halls etc.

*  Assisting imn welfare projects for local residents.

 Ulverston Town Council is managing the Ulverston CGP Trust Fund on behalf of Broughton in Furness publishers CGP.   The trustees will meet bi- monthly to consider applications.  The application form can be downloaded here.http://www.ulverstoncouncil.org.uk/downloads/Ulverston%20TF%20application%20form.doc as a word document

 A PDF of the document can be downloaded here.

The trustees met bi monthly with future meetings as follows:

9 April; 4 June; 6 August; 1 October; 3 December

Applications must be received in full one week before the meting of the trustees.