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About Your Council

Ulverston Town Council is the administrative body that looks after the various elected Councillors that represent you on a day-to-day basis. With eighteen unpaid Councillors on the Council, all of whom serve a period of four years, the organisation ensures that Ulverstonians are listened to both by South Lakeland District Council and Cumbria County Council.

The Town Council

Ulverston Town Council has eighteen Councillors elected for a period of four years. Councillors are elected from six wards in the town; these are Town Ward, Central Ward, North Ward, South Ward, East Ward and West Ward. These wards are also used to elect Councillors to South Lakeland District Council (SLDC).

What we do

Ulverston Town Council owns and manages:

  • The Sir John Barrow (Hoad) Monument on Hoad Hill
  • Sir John Barrow Cottage at Dragley Beck - now leased to and run by Greenlane Archology
  • Seven allotment sites, containing nearly 300 allotments
  • Manages one public toilet in the town centre (The Gill)
  • Manages two green spaces (Little Hoad and Gill Banks)
  • Owns and manages 6 bus shelters.
  • Is a statutory consultee on all planning issues in Ulverston,
  • Partners in projects with other organisations including Groundwork
  • Lobbies SLDC and CCC on issues of concern to residents and businesses.
  • Works with local business to support the growth of Ulverston
  • Supports Ulverston Community Enterprises in its work to manage the Coronation Hall and Markets in the town centre.
  • Organise the annual charter festival family day
  • Provides grants to local charitable organisations, festivals and non-profit making bodies.
  • Point of contact for agencies, including Highways and Environment.
  • Funds the Ulverston Community Partnership to market and promote the town.
  • Supports Ulverston in Bloom
  • Supports the Ulverston-Albert Twinning Association.
  • Has twitter and Facebook accounts