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Town Council Policies and Recent Government Legislation

Interested in becoming a councillor?

You may like to look at this guide:

Links to Recent Government Policies relating to local Government:

Standing Committees:

The four Standing Committees of the Council: Finance and General Purposes, Allotments and Human Resources.

General Data Protection Act:

The Town Council is registered under General Data Protection Act 2018. The council has adopted a Data Protection and Privacy Policy and other documents relating to the GDPR will follow.

Standing Orders:

The town council has a set of Standing Orders which have recently been refreshed. The standing orders set out very clearly what the council can and cannot do, and how it must do it. The standing orders also provide a structure showing the various standing committees and how they relate to the town councils business

Code of Conduct:

The town council has a Code of Conduct for councillors. These set out very clearly what councillors can and can't do.

Financial Regulations:

This policy clearly sets out the checks and balances that are required to manage the town councils finances. This is the policy which the standing committee Finance and Grants works to. The town clerk is also the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO); there is an independent internal auditor and a government appointed external auditor. The council’s accounts are overseen by TI Payroll and Accounts, which also prepares the town councils annual account and its payroll. The council’s main income comes from the annual precept, which is public money and all expenditure is closely scrutinised.

Town Council Strategy:

The town council has a Strategy which it refers to in its entire decision making. The strategy is a ‘live’ document and is updates annually.

Recording the proceedings of the council:

The council has an adopted policy on recording the proceedings of the council.

Publications and access to information policy:

The council has an adopted policy on how to access information and who from.

Complaints Proceedure:

If you have a complaint about the council, its staff or councillors

Tree Policy

The town council has a policy regarding trees in its ownership on Allotments and Gill Banks

Memorial Benches:

If you are considering a plaque on a memorial bench: